Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The following contains information on the policies of with regard to the use and collection of data submitted via this website. The following Data Protection and Privacy Policy will provide you with information about which kind of data is collected and for which purposes it is used

Data Processing on this Website

All personal data collected during the registration process is used to access and invoice the functions of our website services. Upon application for the opening of an account, we shall store personal data such as pseudonym, password, e-mail address and IP address. When using certain payment systems, further personal data such as mobile phone number or bank account details may be required. Furthermore, it may also be necessary to store your telephone or mobile phone number for certain extended functions of the system that require a call back or the sending of an SMS. The provision of your mobile phone number is also required when applying for a free test account, as an SMS will be sent containing a verification code in order to check whether the mobile phone number is actually owned by the website visitor. Telephone numbers and/or bank account details will be linked to the account of the user and will not be passed on or sold to third parties. Mobile phone numbers will also be used in order to check that a person does not submit more than one application for a free test account. In order to prevent access by minors it is necessary to provide certain personal data, which will used in order to verify that an account applicant is of the minimum age required in order to access website content that may impair the development of minors. Upon submitting an application for the opening of an account you are declaring yourself in agreement with the collection and processing of certain personal data.

Revocation and Deletion

The consents given pursuant to this Data Protection and Privacy Policy may be revoked at any time by completing and sending to us corresponding notification using the 'Support' function of this website. The complete deletion of all personal data linked to a user's account and the deletion of the account itself is possible at any time upon request. However, content contributed to forums and other publicly accessible areas of the website will remain viewable, albeit without any of the personal data linked to the account. We also reserve the right to retain any data linked to any account if there are definite indications of criminal activity or fraudulent behaviour (e.g. failure to honour payments). If a free test account is set up, mobile phone numbers will be permanently stored for the sole purpose of ensuring that no further applications for free test accounts can be successful. In the event that it is necessary for us to block bank account details or mobile phone numbers, we shall continue to store these in order to ensure that this block is upheld in the future.

Disclosure to Third Parties

does not sell or lease any personal data to third parties. Disclosure of data will be restricted to certain instances and solely for the purposes described in this Data Protection and Privacy Policy. You hereby expressly consent to the fact that personal data may be passed on by the operator of this website to a debt collection agency in case of default in payment.
In the event of default in payment of direct debit transactions, we shall pass on data to a debt collection agency commissioned by us for collection. In the case of certain payment systems (e.g. clickandbuy), data provided to the payment services provider may be passed on to a debt collection agency commissioned by this payment services provider. For more information about this please refer to the data protection policy of the relevant payment services provider.
In the event of definite indications of fraudulent activities, personal data may be passed on to a payment services provider or debt collection agency. You hereby expressly consent to the fact that in such cases personal data may be passed on